PA Striped Bass Association striped bass stocking information.

Your donations at Work!

Fish Purchased and Stocked in 2022 -

3 Truckloads of 2nd year striped bass (6-9in) from Sawyer Farms in NC. - $44,640

Shipping costs - 3 loads 6/3/22, 6/9/22, 6/23/22 - $9,000

Donation to NC for 7000 4in. fingerlings we acquired and shipped - $1,500


Your Fish Fund donations (balance from 2021 plus donations in 2022), the income from the Gun Ticket sales, the proceeds from the Whitetails Unlimited Banquet fundraiser, and a $10,000 grant from Whitetails Unlimited all enabled us to purchase these fish. 



Thank you to our Sponsors