May 18-19, 2024 OPEN TOURNAMENT

Results from the Open Tournament
A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners:
1st place went to team Line Burners with Captain Ben Lannen at the helm with a total weight of 49.50 lbs.
2nd place went to team Baron, captained by Brian Kline with a weight of 23.18 lbs.
3rd place was team No Indicator, captained by Travis Boyd with a weight of 22.95 lbs.
4th place went to team Fishy Business, captained by Clyde Clouser with a weight of 19.45 lbs.
5th place went to team Striper Pirates led by Captain Joe Gortva with a weight of 18.44 lbs.
6th place went to team High and Tight captained by Mark Baddorf with a weight of 18.24 lbs.
7th place went to team Lip Rippers with Captain Scott Kleckner at the helm with a weight of 16.48 lbs.
Youth went to Wyatt Lannen with a weight of 22.93 lbs.
Lunker went to Line Burners with a weight of 26.97 lbs.
Angler's Choice went to Striper Pirates with a 11.60 lb. catfish.

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