June 22-23, 2024 Points Tournament

Congratulations to the winners of the PSBA June Tournament
1st place was won by Team-Foul Hooked captained by Ernie Harrop with a total weight in of 47.63 lbs.
2nd place went to Team-Dirty Toon with Captain David Gillen at the helm.Total weight for 2nd place was 32.92 lbs.
3rd place: Team-Ballas, captained by Ryan Ballas with a total weight of 31.41 lbs.
4th place was Team-Striper Pirates, captained by Joe Gortva with a total weight of 27.65 lbs.
Nicole Harrop won the Jr Angler with a weight of 19.31 lbs.
Team Foul Hooked took Lunker with a weight of 28.32 lbs.
Team Dirty Toon took the Angler's Choice with a 7.81 lb catfish.

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